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Humanitarian Awards 

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53rd Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner
May 24, 2016
Honoring Jerry Adams, Hugh McDonald, and Sophia Said
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On Tuesday, May 24, 2016, Just Communities of Arkansas will bestow the Humanitarian Award to Jerry Adams, Hugh McDonald, and Sophia Said, for their demonstrated commitment to the promotion of equal opportunities for all Arkansans, and respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. In addition to honoring these outstanding members of our community, the Humanitarian Award Dinner also serves as a showcase for the mission and programs of JCA.

JCA has worked since 1964 to bring our community together and encourage a deeper level of respect and appreciation for humanity. The Humanitarian Awards is the premier fundraiser for JCA, ensuring that we continue to build inclusive communities through training, advocacy, and celebration so that every person is valued, every voice is heard, and everyone has a fair chance to succeed.   

The event also provides an opportunity for guests to learn more about JCA's programs, especially Ourtown for Teens, a summer leadership camp that teaches 
high school students to identify of privilege and oppression within dimensions of diversity, and build an action plan to create an inclusive climate within their schools.  
About the Dinner
The Humanitarian Awards Dinner is JCA's signature gala, bringing together friends old and new, past honorees, and supporters of our mission to build communities where every person is valued, every voice is heard and everyone has a fair chance to succeed.

About the Humanitarian Awards
Since 1963, JCA has presented Humanitarian Awards annually to one or more people at our Humanitarian Awards Dinner. These awards honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds. These honorees have promoted justice and inclusion through their work and community service. In addition to honoring outstanding community members, the Humanitarian Awards Dinner also serves as a platform to highlight the mission, programs and continued success of JCA.

Past recipients of the Humanitarian Award and dinner chairs include:

Year Honoree Dinner Chair
1964 Hon. Brooks Hays Dave Grundfest, Sr.
1965 Dave Grundfest, Sr. E. Grainger Williams
1966 Most Rev. Albert Fletcher Frank Whitbeck
1967 Hon. & Mrs. Winthrop Rockefeller B. Finley Vinson
1968 Dr. Ira Sanders Frank Lyon, Sr.
1969 Edward L. Wright, Sr. A. Allen Weintraub
1970 Dr. Lawrence Davis Sidney McMath
1971 J.N. Heiskell & Mrs. David D. Terry Hon. Wilbur D. Mills
1972 Hon. Wilbur D. Mills William S. Walker
1973 James H. Penick Hon. Dale Bumpers
1974 Hon. & Mrs. Dale Bumpers Phillip Back
1975 Frank Lyon, Sr. & Msgr. James O’Connell Edward M. Penick
1976 Annie Mae Bankhead, Dr. Dale Cowling, Raymond Rebsamen & Henry E. Spitzberg William H. Bowen
1977 Margaret Kolb Hon. Bill Walmsley
1978 Rev. & Mrs. Richard B. Hardie, Jr. Sheffield Nelson
1979 Fred K. Darragh, Jr. Hon. Bill Clinton
1980 Dr. Ben N. Saltzman Louis L. Ramsay, Jr.
1981 Alan Patteson, Jr. Jerry L. Maulden
1982 Dr. Elijah E. Palnick James H. Atkins
1983 Sheffield Nelson D. Eugene Fortson
1984 Hon. David Pryor Hon. Ray Thornton
1985 Sister Margaret Blandford Terence E. Renaud
1986 Hon. Ray Thornton Warren Stephens
1987 Louise & Hugh Patterson, Jr. John J. Flake
1988 Hon. Bill & Hillary Clinton Hon. Dale Bumpers & Hon. David Pryor James (Skip) Rutherford
1989 Jerry L. Maulden Herschel H. Friday & Lottie Shackelford
1990 Louis L. Ramsay, Jr. William H. Bowen
1991 Daisy Bates, Donna & Mack McLarty R. McRae Geschwind
1992 William H. Bowen & E. Charles Eichenbaum Walter E. Hussman, Jr.
1993 Hon. Jim Guy Tucker W. Jackson Williams
1994 Robert L. Brown, Sr. & Dr. Wm. H. Townsend Jerry F. Hamra
1995 Hon. Jim Keet & Rev. Hezekiah Stewart H. Maurice Mitchell
1996 Cora Duffy McHenry, H. Maurice Mitchell R. Drake Keith, James (Skip) Rutherford & Mary Manning
1997 Jo Luck & Sidney Moncrief Lunsford Bridges
1998 Marian Lacey, Jim Shelley Michael H. Means & Townsend Wolfe
1999 Kay Kelley Arnold, Hon. Vic Snyder Everett Tucker III & Charles O. Stewart
2000 Amy Rossi, Larry Ross, Dale Nicholson & Ron Lanoue Mike Maulden
2001 Dr. Josetta Edwards Wilkins & Hon. Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Gus Vratsinas
2002 Dr. Sybil Hampton & William H. Buddy Sutton Bob Cabe
2003 Bishop Steven Arnold & Charles E. Hathaway III Sharon Priest
2004 Clarice & Dr. Raymond Miller & Jim Pickens Russ Harrington
2005 Bob Cabe & Keith Jackson Dora Jane & Greg Flesher
2006 Rep. Joyce Elliott, Dean Kumpuris & Mary Steenburgen Kathy & Jack Grundfest
2007 Senator Jim Argue, Jr., Thomas A. Bruce, M. Joycelyn Elders & Oliver Elders Dr. Walter Kimbrough
2008 Little Rock City Manager, Bruce T. Moore & UALR Chancellor, Joel E. Anderson Debbie & Brad Diner
2009 Governor Mike Beebe Sharon Heflin
2010 Henry L. Jones, Jr., United States Magistrate Judge, Retired, & Rabbi Gene Levy  Byron M. Eiseman
2011 Central Arkansas Library System Director Bobby Roberts & Representative Kathy Webb  Nate Coulter
 2012 Dr. Fitz Hill, Dr. Eddie Ochoa, & Stacy Sells  Marla Johnson Norris 
 2013 Ginger Beebe and Colette Honorable Bill Paschall 
 2014 Rick Fleetwood and Virgil Miller Judy Tenenbaum and Pat Riley, Jr. 
 2015  Jay Barth and Sherece West-Scantlebury John Adams & Michelle Kaemmerling


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