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CommUNITY...it's a TEAM effort!

The 2014 Walk website is LIVE! Join us on Sunday, November 2 for the 15th annual Walk for CommUNITY, 3-5 p.m. at the Little Rock River Market Pavilions.
On Sunday, November 3, about 1,000 people laced up their walking shoes, brought children, strollers, pets on leashes, friends, family and neighbors, and headed down to the Little Rock River Market pavilions for a celebration of Arkansas’ open, diverse and spirit-filled community! Individuals, families, and teams came together and raised over $53,000 for JCA’s youth and community leadership programs. Afterward, about 50 people headed to the Cornerstone Pub in Argenta for REMIXED, the first-ever Walk afterparty, where they enjoyed karaoke and libations. A great time was had by all!

THANK YOU to our incredible sponsors, Walkers, donors and friends, for coming together in support of a truly inclusive Arkansas. See you next year when we celebrate our 15th Walk on November 2, 2014!

For more information about the Walk or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Kerri Michael Sernel at (501) 372-5129.

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Why We Walk

  • We Walk because we prefer understanding over misconception.
  • We Walk to teach our children tolerance and acceptance.
  • We Walk to learn more about ourselves and others.
  • We Walk to identify our similarities rather than our differences.
  • We Walk to celebrate our diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • We Walk to ease the pain of past transgressions.
  • We Walk to feel the power of our community.
  • We Walk to reunite.
  • We Walk to make the world a better place.
  • We Walk to change lives!
Since 2000, JCA has organized an annual Walk for CommUNITY on the Little Rock calendar or events, bringing people from all backgrounds together for a one-mile Walk in celebration of central Arkansas’ open, diverse and spirit-filled community.

The annual Walk for CommUNITY is a perfect event for those who want to fight bigotry, promote diversity and have fun at the same time! Every year, hundreds of concerned and engaged citizens join together to express appreciation for the diversity offered in central Arkansas. Walkers follow a path, which is just one mile in length, over the Main Street Bridge to North Little Rock and then back to the River Market Pavilions. Following the Walk, we celebrate this diversity activity with music, refreshments, entertainment and lots of fun!

Funds raised from the Walk support JCA’s youth and community leadership programs.

The Walk for CommUNITY is a great opportunity for all allies of JCA to support the work that JCA does and to showcase their pride in the diversity of the Arkansas community.

If you would like more information about the Walk for CommUNITY or to become a Team Leader or Sponsor of this celebration of family, diversity and community, please contact Kerri Michael Sernel, Development and Marketing Director, at the JCA office. 

    1400 West Markham, Suite 405
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201