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Diversity and Inclusion Training

Our programs promote inclusion, challenge assumptions and advance understanding across our state. Through these programs we reach hundreds of youth and adults each year, working to create communities where every person is valued, every voice is heard and everyone has a fair chance to succeed. We believe that we must engage in self-examination and commit ourselves to learning more about others in order to build respect and understanding.

Our experienced human relations staff works with educators, community members, clergy and faith leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, young people and business and corporate leaders in support of our mission. Each of our programs is designed to empower youth and adult leaders with both the will and the skills to create a more inclusive community.

Along with our signature programs, we can work with you to design a customized program to meet your specific needs.To find out how we can help build a program for your group, please contact us.

Chose an area to learn more about our programs: Youth Adults I Community.

Upcoming programs: 

Ourtown Institute for Inclusive Leadership
Date: February 17th-19th, 2016 
Age: Adults 
Location:Queen Wilhelmina State Park

Ourtown trains leaders who recognize our growing diversity as an opportunity and want to be effective in leveraging our diversity to reap the benefits of an inclusive community where all voices are heard and all people are respected.  Ourtown is interactive and allows individuals to build the skills necessary to promote effective communication, positive participants increase their ability to talk, listen and understand more effectively, and to act across intergroup barriers.
Contact Ruth Shepherd for more info and/or questions.

Date: February 19th , 2016
Age: High School (9th-12th Grade) 
Location: Arkansas 4H Center 

Unitown has been offered to high schools since 2000.  This two-day retreat for high school students and teachers from one high school prepares participants to be leaders in making their school more inclusive and accepting of diversity.  Up to 50 students along with faculty members examine prejudice and discrimination, and gain the skills they need to become energetic leaders in their classrooms, halls and communities. Students become effective in youth conflict resolution, and teachers tell us that the Unitown experience gives them a "new respect and understanding" of their students and a "new enthusiasm" for teaching.
Contact Braeden Hall for more info and/or questions.

Annual activities include Walk for CommUNITYGathering of Friends and the Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner.

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