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JCA Diversity and Inclusion Training

Take me to information about JCA’s programs for Youth and Adults and the Community.

JCA's programs promote inclusion, challenge assumptions and advance understanding across our state. Through these programs we reach hundreds of youth and adults each year, working to create communities where every person is valued, every voice is heard and everyone has a fair chance to succeed. We believe that we must engage in self-examination and commit ourselves to learning more about others in order to build respect and understanding.

Our experienced human relations staff works with educators, community members, clergy and faith leaders, elected officials, law enforcement, young people and business and corporate leaders in support of our mission. Each of our programs is designed to empower youth and adult leaders with both the will and the skills to create a more inclusive community.

JCA staff members can work with you to design and customize programs to meet your specific needs. To find out how we can help build a program for your group, contact a JCA staff member.

Ourtown Institute for Inclusive Leadership- Ourtown trains leaders who recognize our growing diversity as an opportunity and want to be effective in leveraging our diversity to reap the benefits of an inclusive community where all voices are heard and all people are respected.  Ourtown is interactive and allows individuals to build the skills necessary to promote effective communication, positive participants increase their ability to talk, listen and understand more effectively, and to act across intergroup barriers.
Contact Ruth Shepherd for more info.  

Plowshares - Community Conflict Transformation Training - Community Conflict Transformation (CCT) training creates a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural network of skilled community and city leaders to work proactively to build constructive relationships among all citizens.

Building Inclusive Communities - A workplace initiative designed to equip “Workplace Change Teams” with the knowledge and skills to make their company’s business practices and environment more inclusive. Workshops are tailored to meet the particular needs of an individual workplace: corporate, non-profit, government or faith groups. Program components include collection of pertinent data, leadership and employee training and evaluation.

Shared Decisions - Cultural diversity workshops for healthcare professionals and consumers to address the well-documented disparities in healthcare outcomes for minorities. These diversity workshops bring providers and consumers together and result in action planning to reduce healthcare disparities.

Diversity and Inclusion Training for the Workplace - Specific diversity and inclusion training for all types of businesses and organizations. Read a list of organizations that have participated in these inclusion and diversity workshops.

Straight Talk Panels - Panels of gay and lesbian persons, family members and friends talk about how sexual orientation affects their lives in Arkansas.

OurCampus - A two and a half-day retreat in which college students and faculty learn to value diversity, recognize bias and understand its costs, understand the role of privilege in America, and ultimately to become agents of change on their campuses and in their communities.
Contact Rhonna Wade for more info.  

Ourtown for Teens - Formerly known as Anytown, this unique, week-long youth leadership diversity and inclusion training program is for Arkansas high school students of different races, religions and cultures. Participants experience and gain respect for diversity, while learning effective leadership skills. Ourtown 2015 will be held August 2-August 8.  
Contact Rhonna Wade 
for more info. 

Unitown - Two day retreats for students and teachers from one high school that prepare participants to be leaders in making their school more inclusive and accepting of diversity. 
Contact Rhonna Wade for more info.  

Teentown - A one day program for students from one middle school to help them identify and prevent bullying.
Contact Rhonna Wade for more info.  

Recent Advocacy Activities - In 2006, JCA published and distributed a position statement calling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. During the 2007 Arkansas legislative session, we worked to defeat SB959, a bill that would have prohibited gay and lesbian persons from adopting or serving as foster parents based simply on their sexual orientation. In September, 2007, JCA led audience talk-backs following the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s performances of “It Happened in Little Rock”, a play about the 1957 crisis at Central High School.

Annual activities include Walk for CommUNITY, Gathering of Friends and the Annual Humanitarian Award Dinner.

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Little Rock, Arkansas 72201